Surveys: Prevent Asset Failure, Work-Stoppages And Unexpected Repair Costs

Coatings surveys allow you to fix what needs to be fixed while leaving the coatings that are still in working condition alone. By finely targeting your coatings maintenance expenditures in this way, a coatings survey provides a return on investment by stopping small problems before they grow, and by freeing up money for other maintenance work. Additionally, thinking about corrosion proactively will save you from the nightmare of figuring out a coating isn’t working when an asset fails completely.

Just as you wouldn’t diagnose yourself with a serious illness without consulting a medical professional, you shouldn’t try to predict your corrosion control and maintenance needs without the necessary qualifications. The difference between WebMD and your doctor is night and day, and the same is true with asset maintenance. When developing a preventative maintenance plan for your asset, you should always have a coatings professional conduct a survey of your asset to determine the initial state of its coating, both before and after any coating application.

FeO coatings inspectors are rigorously trained to recognize corrosion in all its forms, and give reliable and trustworthy recommendations for coatings maintenance. FeO has earned the coveted SSPC QP5 certification — the platinum standard for the coatings inspection industry — ensuring you can have true peace of mind about your corrosion control program.

Save your money by relying on a well-thought-out, professional maintenance plan. Save your sanity by avoiding work-related accidents. Save time by avoiding downtime resulting from asset failure.

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