Planning: Avoids Why A Corrosion Expert Should Manage Your Coatings Project

A thorough understanding of scope, budget and time constraints are absolutely essential to completing any coatings project. Whether the assets in question are housed in a huge refinement facility or a small plant, it’s important to figure out what exactly requires attention — does every inch of steel in the facility need to be coated, or will a simple spot repair be sufficient?

A facility right next to the ocean will require a far different coating than one located in the Arizona desert. An inadequate understanding of the scope and circumstances can result in overspending due to coating or recoating assets that don’t need it. Alternatively, a scope that’s too narrow can end up costing more in the long run by neglecting to recoup savings on things like bulk material purchases or reduced labor costs from utilizing scaffolding that’s already in place.

Other important facets that should be top-of-mind for any project manager or planner are timeline and budget. Keeping a project on-budget requires not only knowing what a certain coating selection would cost up front, but also knowing the cost of maintenance over time. This requires a knowledge of what a potential maintenance plan would look like and a timeline for when an asset might need to be recoated or reexamined.

Many project managers and estimators have a reasonable understanding of the basics of a coatings project. But industrial corrosion control is very complex. Even project managers with years of experience can easily overlook a number of potentially cost-saving measures. Coatings projects present immense challenges involving the procurement of material, management of personnel, and a high level of technical expertise. They can involve hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars. To solve these challenges requires a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise and field experience for putting together the best long-term solution.

But even greater concern than the loss of money or project overruns, mistakes in corrosion control planning and management can often lead to total asset failure and even put lives at risk. Whether it is a bridge collapsing, a pipeline rupturing, a ship sinking or a power plant explosion — corrosion control management requires the utmost expertise and diligence.

With FeO, you can know you are working with the best in the business. Having earned a QP5 certification from SSPC, the platinum standard of the corrosion control industry, all of our inspectors are qualified to manage your large-scale, complex projects from planning to budgeting to complete project management.

Present us with your challenges, and we’ll do the rest.

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