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Not all coating inspectors are built the same - even if they have the same technical training and experience. So how do you recognize the good ones?

About Us

FeO has the honor of serving clients around the world. As one of a handful of SSPC-QP5 certified corrosion inspection companies, FeO inspectors have provided their services to a wide variety of locations, on land and at sea. Having fostered relationships with clients from across the world, we know the most important aspect of our business is coming along side our clients and working together for solutions to their problems.

A key...

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With many of the goods and services we buy, quality is simply expected. It’s an aspect of good business that’s simply taken for granted. You’d expect a reputable mechanic to get your car running again, for instance, or that your favorite restaurant will keep serving up the kind of food you’ve come to expect.

But in some industries, quality control is simply too important to make assumptions about. The stakes are just too high to trust...

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Rust hits every ship hard, but it has an additional impact on the cruise industry. Passengers do not want to take a vacation on an ugly ship. They want to be wowed by great entertainment, good food, and beautiful surroundings. They want a ship that is clean, bright, and easy on the eyes. Rust on a ship creates an immediate impression of an improperly maintained vessel....


Nondestructive testing is the only viable option for inspecting coatings systems that are already in service and are intended to be kept in service. As you may have guessed, NDT is a subset of testing procedures that do not compromise the integrity of the system or material while being conducted. In much of manufacturing, measuring things like hardness, ductility and tensile strength involves stressing parts or materials to their breaking...


Everything might look fine when metal components are joined, but even small gaps between fixtures are open invitations to what is known as crevice corrosion. Left unchecked, crevice corrosion can cause significant degrading of your asset—leading to costly repairs, loss of production, and even failure of entire systems.

To ensure assets remain productive and safe, it’s critical to understand what crevice...


Understanding what pitting corrosion is, how it starts and how to prevent it goes a long way to ensuring long, safe and useful service for metal assets exposed to the elements.

Pitting corrosion is believed to be the cause of a deadly bridge collapse in 1967. Forty-six people died when the U.S. Highway 35 between Point Pleasant, WV and...


Galvanic corrosion refers to the damage that occurs to an asset when two different kinds of metal are joined in a corrosive environment.

When the environmental conditions are right and the metals are in electrical contact with one another, one of the metals will corrode more quickly than if it were on its own while the other will corrode much more...