Failure Analysis: Finding Out What Went Wrong

No one wants their coatings system to fail. When it happens, the results can be devastating. But it does not mean the end of the story. There may still be time to fix the coating system and preserve the asset. This is where a coatings failure analysis can be extremely helpful.

A coatings failure analysis is a detailed examination of an existing coating system, in an effort to identify the root cause of why that coating system lost its integrity and started to fail earlier than expected.

A coating failure analysis can be very challenging to perform and requires an expert coating inspector who understands the many ways a coating system can fail, including poor surface preparation, a bad paint batch, paint applied under the wrong environmental conditions, improper application technique, and so on.

Oftentimes, standard visual and DFT testing isn't enough. When that happens, our coating inspectors use advanced testing techniques to get a better picture. These types of tests include pull-off adhesion, X-cut, and tape tests.

On occasion, lab work is used to dig even deeper. This helps us know if this was an issue with the paint (bad batch, poor mixing, didn't cure, etc.) FeO has access to the top independent coating analysis labs in the country.

Here's the bottom line - if you are ready to get to the root of your coatings failure, FeO has the experts to get you back on track, to achieve true peace of mind in the fight against corrosion. Take the steps to get your coatings system back to full integrity, doing its job to protect your critical asset.

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