Ensure The Lights Don’t Go Out: Preventative Corrosion Control In The Energy Industry

Given the diverse range of corrosion-prone facilities in the power industry — nuclear, fossil fuel, coal, alternative energy — it can be tough to know where to begin in the fight against rust. But since a power plant failure means lights out, it’s absolutely critical to develop a proper preventative coatings maintenance and management plan before a failure.

And, when dealing with substances like gas and nuclear material, asset failure can very easily become a facility-wide, city-wide, and even nation-wide catastrophe. To stop asset failure before it begins, you must start with the correct protective coating.

Choosing the correct coating without the proper expertise would be as futile as trying to operate a coal-fired plant without the coal — it can’t, and shouldn’t, be done. An experienced coatings inspector will work with you to ascertain which coatings would best serve each of your assets, inspect the coating as it is being applied and help you develop a long-term preventative maintenance plan to extend the life of your coatings application.

With more than 15 years of experience in the corrosion control industry, FeO has the professional knowledge to overcome even the toughest corrosion control situations. They’re one of only 13 companies worldwide to be awarded the platinum standard of the corrosion control industry — the SSPC QP5 certification. This means FeO has met the highest industry standards for personnel, best practices and quality assurance. Strip away the industry jargon, and this means FeO supplies only inspectors you can trust to work objectively in the interest of extending the life of your plant’s assets.

Take the next steps to ensure the lights never go out.

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