Corrosion Control: The DoD’s First Line Of Defense

Before our nation’s finest can defend our country, they must battle the caustic effects of asset corrosion. And corrosion puts up a tough fight, consuming an estimated $23 billion of the Department of Defense budget each year. That’s about 40 percent of the total DoD maintenance budget.

Our military subjects its equipment to some of the world’s harshest environments. Their assets must be able to withstand every extreme — from the hostile desert environs of the Middle East to the turbulent sea storms of the Pacific — and still be ready to perform to standard when called upon.

Because of this, the Department of Defense doesn’t let just anyone handle the maintenance of their equipment. They need companies with experience and proven reliability. As a DoD Cleared Secret Facility, the DoD has trusted FeO to work on the nation’s most critical assets.

The DoD demands perfection from its contractors and its equipment. FeO passes that impossible test. FeO is SSPC QP5 certified, one of only 13 companies worldwide able to meet the highest industry standard for personnel, best practices and quality assurance. With more than 15 years of experience, FeO has the professional knowledge to overcome even the toughest corrosion control situations.

In addition to conducting surveys, inspections and project management for the DoD, we also have extensive experience training military and GS personnel on how to best identify and correct corrosion before any equipment has to be ‘dishonorably discharged.’

Our forward-thinking approach was most recently implemented in the U.S. Navy’s Corrosion Control Assistance Teams (CCAT). FeO served as the senior subcontractor, operating in naval bases throughout the U.S. and overseas. The Navy’s preventative approach to corrosion control saved millions and dramatically increased the longevity of their equipment.

FeO understands the challenges of preserving our nation’s finest. We have worked as a leader in corrosion control support for the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard and have always kept up with their constant need for modernization and maintenance. We have Department of Defense secret clearance and have the experience and obsessive attention to detail necessary to get military-grade jobs done on-budget and on-schedule.

Start mitigating the costly effects of corrosion.

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